Business What is Digital Identity Verification and Why is it...

What is Digital Identity Verification and Why is it Necessary?


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We all have gone through proving our identity somehow, and many of us won’t understand its importance.

Imagine you’re about to book a hotel in another state, and you go to the counter, show your identity verification documents like passport or identity card, and take the keys to your room.

This is what identity proofing is. The process of digital ID verification an individual’s identity whether it matches their claimed identity or not. It’s quite a simple process. Isn’t it?

However, things aren’t that easy as they might seem, especially when it comes to digital identities.

As per stats, around 3.4 million identities were compromised to a breach in 2019, which is pretty problematic.

So, does it mean that cybercriminals are exploiting certain loopholes in the current identity verification system?

Unfortunately, yes.

Let’s understand how identity verification works in the digital era and uncover various digital identity verification methods.

What is Identity Verification?

Identity verification is a necessary process that ensures an individual’s identity matches the one that is supposed to be.

The identity verification process involves comparing the set of unique characteristics and traits associated with an individual with the one claiming the same.

Identity verification is essential to ensure an actual individual is behind a process and prevent fraud through authentication and authorization.

Whether online or offline, identity verification is an essential requirement for most procedures and processes, including online/offline banking, booking flights, or applying for a passport.

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