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Redcat Racing 1 5 Rampage MT V3 4X4 Gas Monster Truck RTR, Orange Flame


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At RC Superstore, we understand that it can quickly get overwhelming to sort through all of your options. The choice is completely yours, so you won’t have to feel like you’re beholden to anyone else’s rules.

The nitro fuel attracts moisture over time, and if you leave your RC truck sitting with a full tank, the fuel will spoil; this will introduce moisture to the RC truck’s internal parts. A little flex can also be helpful when driving on a rough track.

10 Painted Body with Decals, Blue/Black: GRANITE VOLTAGE

One of the biggest concerns is corrosion and rust that can start to develop on different parts of your RC truck. Rust can cause irreparable damage to the internal electronics and all metal parts of the RC vehicle. The cold can also affect both the batteries and fuel’s performance. There is nothing that you can do to make your RC truck’s batteries last forever. It is just how batteries work; they have a certain lifespan, which is usually between 300 and 500 cycles.

The downside to chassis flex is that suspension adjustments become less effective than with a stiff chassis. So changing the spring rate one step with a stiff chassis, might require a two step change with a softer chassis. The Primal Raminator truck is equipped with a 49cc 2-stroke 4-bolt reed valve engine with a remote-engine kill switch. There are five interchangeable gear ratios you can choose from. This truck is equipped with rear and front CMC cases and oil-filled torque differentials to perform excellently on-road and off-road.

Read more about Arrma auto here.

2V 4500mAh 6-Cell Speedpack2 Flat NiMH Battery: EC3

The scale of hobby-grade RC cars has become synonymous with their size since most of them are not replicas of life-sized cars. The world of RC (Radio-Controlled) cars can be divided into two parts. These RC cars are display pieces and are more like scale model kits. The scale of replica RC cars means that the ratios of the model are the same as the origin. RC cars come in various sizes, with the size determining its scale.

18 Chevrolet K10 4WD Brushed RTR

It’s 4WD in keeping with the full-size K Series designation, with a sunken frame, metal beams, aluminum frame rails, and reliable, multi-link suspension. A 1/4 scale is considered one of the largest RC trucks you can find today. These trucks have a large size which makes them very desirable among collectors and hobbyists. Select the electronic speed control circuit, servo system, transmitter, and motor that you’re most excited to test out. You can pick a more mild system that’s designed for casual driving, or a souped-up one that’s perfect for those who have to absolutely dominate at the track.

Taking an RC truck off-road for a 4WD adventure is not only fun, but good exercise and an opportunity to connect with others who have a similar interest in RC and the great outdoors. You can find great, hobby-grade 4×4 RC trucks here at Horizon Hobby by browsing through our menu by type of truck or by completion level. We’ve also hand-picked a few of our favorites from Axial®, an RC off-road adventuring brand, which you can view below. Huge monster truck tires, Bead lock rims, Machined aluminum shock towers, Machined aluminum chassis braces, Enclosed battery box, Inner roll cage, Shaft driven durability. The chassis is one of the most important parts of your RC car; it’s the backbone to which all other parts attach in one way or another. The material that makes up the chassis can literally make or break it, so choosing the right material for what you are doing is critical.

People may often think that they need to fully charge their battery to avoid the battery going flat. It is true, leaving your battery completely discharged is bad for it, however, so is overcharging it.

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