Business Nutmeg Essential Oil - Health Benefits

Nutmeg Essential Oil – Health Benefits


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For years now, it has been used in the manufacture of soaps, toothpaste, candles, perfumes (especially perfumes for men), among others. Its distinct smell makes it ideal for flavouring of both food and cosmetic products. It has been used extensively as flavouring for beverages and even cough syrups to make them more appealing for children. Women want it to flavour their favourite dishes, men desire its scent for their perfumes and children crave for it as flavouring. But more than that, nutmeg essential oil has many great health benefits for the whole family.

The wonderful woody scent of nutmeg essential oil is ideal as a mouthwash. It does not give only a nice smell, but its antiseptic properties eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath. It is for that reason that toothpaste in the market has Lemongrass Oil as one of their ingredients. It can also cure gum problems as well as toothache due to its analgesic properties. It can cure pain also muscle and joint pain. The traditional Chinese have been using this oil to treat abdominal pain and inflammation.

Nutmeg essential oil very good for indigestion also. It aides in the removal of unwanted gases in the body hence it cures flatulence as well. Stomach aches, vomiting and diarrhea are also treated by this wonder oil. For women suffering from irregular menstruation and menstruation cramps, nutmeg can help also.

Nutmeg oil is also very helpful for heart and respiratory problems. Nutmeg essential oil aids in the increase of blood circulation. Poor blood circulation has been found out to have caused many heart diseases and nutmeg corrects that problem. It stimulates the heart and other organs of the cardiovascular system and thus an effective tonic. Not only for its flavour, but it is used in cough syrup because it is believed that it can give the needed relief for all types of cough, asthmas included.

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