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How to Get the Most Out of Your Maid Service


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Hiring a maid service can make keeping your home clean easier and free up your time for other priorities. However, to really get the most value from your investment, it pays to optimize the experience. Follow these tips to maximize the benefits of your Coquitlam house cleaning service or Delta maid service.

Set Clear Expectations Upfront

When first hiring a maid service, take time to communicate exactly what you want and expect. The more details you provide, the better able they will be to meet your standards.

  • Provide a detailed list of all rooms and areas that need cleaning and how often. Make sure to include often overlooked places like inside cabinets, behind furniture, baseboards, ceiling fans, etc.
  • Specify what cleaning tasks are most important to you – floors, bathrooms, dusting, etc.
  • Voice any pet peeves or cleaning habits you strongly prefer.
  • Be clear about what cleaning supplies, equipment and amenities you will provide versus what they should bring.
  • Share details on how you want small objects and valuables handled.
  • Decide frequency and ideal timing – weekly, bi-weekly, certain days, morning or afternoon.
  • Provide complete access instructions – alarm codes, keys, garage codes, gate codes, etc.
  • Inform them of any other house rules, limitations or restricted areas in your home.

Taking time to be very detailed upfront helps prevent misunderstandings down the line and sets your maid service up for success in meeting expectations from day one.

Conduct an Orientation Walkthrough

It can be very helpful to do an orientation walkthrough when you first hire a maid service. Physically walk them through your home, pointing out areas that need attention and sharing specifics on how you want things done room by room.

  • Show them where all cleaning tools, supplies and appliances are kept.
  • Demonstrate your preferred methods and products for cleaning key areas like floors, kitchens, bathrooms.
  • Point out any fragile items, valuables, or sentimental objects needing special care.
  • Highlight any spots prone to build up or needing extra attention – stove tops, showers, ceiling fans.
  • Identify items that can be moved or rearranged versus those that cannot.
  • Specify if there are any clothes, surfaces or belongings you do not want touched.
  • Clarify which areas should be dusted versus completely cleaned.
  • Answer any questions they have after seeing your unique space.

An orientation walkthrough helps new cleaners customize their process specifically for your home. Periodically doing refresher walkthroughs can also be helpful.

Set a Regular Schedule

Establishing a consistent cleaning schedule helps:

  • Routinize cleaners’ visits so they work more efficiently.
  • Ensure you get cleaning done as frequently as you need.
  • Allows cleaners to plan their routes optimally.
  • Gives you predictability when your home will be cleaned.

Choose a frequency that fits your needs – weekly, biweekly etc. Then set a regular schedule for which days cleaners should come. Consistency is great for both you and your maid service.

To get into a productive rhythm:

  • Stick to the same cleaning day(s) each week when possible.
  • Keep the time of day consistent as well – mornings or afternoons.
  • Build in appropriate notice and check-ins around cancellations or exceptions.
  • Over time, refine your ideal frequency based on your satisfaction.

Following a routine schedule helps ensure your maid service delivers consistent, high quality results.

Prepare the Space for Cleaning

You can make your cleaners more productive by preparing the space for them in advance:

  • Declutter surfaces – Clear off counters, tables, dressers so they can be wiped down properly. Put away clutter.
  • Pick up floors – Remove clutter and obstacles from floors so they can be vacuumed and mopped easily.
  • Launder linens – Provide freshly laundered towels, sheets and cloths for use.
  • Take out trash – Empty all trash cans and recycling bins completely.
  • Tidy belongings – Straighten items on shelves and surfaces. Organize items in cabinets, drawers, closets.
  • Put delicate items away – Secure fragile, expensive or sentimental objects.
  • Wipe up spills – Clean any dirty spots or spills beforehand when possible.
  • Check supplies – Make sure all cleaning tools, products and equipment are stocked and accessible.
  • Secure pets – Contain pets properly so cleaners have full access.

Doing some quick pickup and decluttering before cleaners arrive allows them to get right to deep cleaning tasks. Their time can be spent more efficiently.

Communicate Any Changes or Needs

Be sure to communicate with your maid service between visits if anything changes in your home or additional tasks need done:

  • Inform them of any rooms or items needing extra attention next visit.
  • Request additional tasks as needed like cleaning inside fridges, baseboards, windows etc.
  • Ask that certain belongings are handled delicately if needed.
  • Notify if you will be renovating, painting or having guests soon.
  • Update if alarm codes, locks, hiding places for keys change.
  • Tell them if you switch cleaning supplies or prefer different products.
  • Note if anything was accidentally damaged or broken last visit.
  • Request scheduling changes as far in advance as possible.

Good communication ensures no details, priorities or special needs slip through the cracks from one visit to the next.

Leave Clear Instructions Before Each Visit

Get in the habit of leaving written instructions and notes for your cleaning crew before each visit:

  • List any areas needing priority attention.
  • Call out any additional tasks needing done.
  • Note which supplies need restocked.
  • Remind about any special care required of certain items.
  • Share any safety hazards to be aware of.
  • Request adjustments to certain cleaning methods if needed.
  • Reconfirm access to your home.
  • Communicate anything else relevant to this particular cleaning session.

Written instructions provide helpful guidance tailored to that day’s cleaning. Plus it creates helpful documentation should any issues arise.

Start a Checklist

Maintain a cleaning checklist of major tasks and areas to cover during each visit. Use it to track their cleaning performance over time.

Sample checklist:

  • Dust furniture surfaces
  • Wipe down countertops
  • Clean inside microwave
  • Scrub bathrooms
  • Vacuum floors
  • Mop hard floors
  • Clean ceiling fans
  • Shake out area rugs
  • Take out garbage
  • Change bed linens
  • Straighten items in drawers
  • Dust window sills
  • Spot clean walls
  • Disinfect light switches
  • Clean mirrors and glass
  • Wipe down appliances
  • Spot clean carpets
  • Dust blinds/curtains

Check off satisfactorily completed items each session. Review results periodically to identify any weak spots needing more focus. Add tasks to the list over time that are priorities for you. The checklist provides helpful documentation to reinforce good performance and gently correct any weak areas.

Provide Feedback

Providing periodic feedback is important so your maid service can adjust to meet your standards over time.

Ways to give helpful feedback:

  • Praise and compliment cleaning crews for jobs well done. Positive reinforcement of good habits goes a long way.
  • Constructively point out any specific areas or items you would like cleaned differently or more thoroughly. Be as precise as possible.
  • If anything was damaged or needs to be replaced, share photos and specifics right away to avoid confusion.
  • For recurring issues, demonstrate or explain your preferred method. Extra clarity prevents future mistakes.
  • Stress any cleaning priorities you want emphasized going forward.
  • Kindly request additional tasks be added to their routine if you notice consistent gaps.
  • Track their cleaning performance against your checklist over time. Identify weak spots.
  • Schedule follow up walkthroughs to review your home together as needed.
  • If problems persist, request a crew supervisor conduct a quality inspection.

The more feedback you provide, the better your maid service can tailor their efforts to satisfy you long term.

Offer Refreshments and Small Gifts

Showing your cleaning crew appreciation in small ways helps nurture a positive relationship:

  • Keep a supply of bottled water, coffee and snacks on hand for their breaks.
  • Periodically give small thoughtful gifts or gift cards around the holidays.
  • Provide a comfortable place for them to take breaks if possible.
  • Personally thank them for their hard work and communicate that you value them.
  • If you will be home during cleanings, offer to make them something to eat or drink.
  • Learn their birthdays and acknowledge them in a meaningful way.
  • Ask after their families and remember details. Show you see them as real people.
  • Let them know you appreciate consistent service from the same crew members.

Small gestures go a long way towards making your cleaners feel happier, appreciated, and motivated to do their best work long term.

Allow Access to Closets/Storage Areas

To thoroughly clean your whole home, don’t lock your maid service out of certain spaces:

  • Leave all closets and storage spaces unlocked so interiors can be dusted, vacuumed and tidied appropriately.
  • Give them permission to organize items neatly in shelves, drawers and cabinets.
  • For private spaces like master bedroom closets, discuss your comfort level and any rules or limitations on access.
  • If needed, clean out private/sensitive spaces yourself before their visit. Or instruct items not to be touched.
  • Ensure they can access often overlooked spaces like under beds, utility rooms, pantries, garages.
  • Check insulation, pipes, vents and wiring in storage areas is undisturbed after visits.

Granting full house access enables a whole home cleaning that leaves no dust bunnies hiding in corners.

Use High Quality Cleaning Products

Invest in high quality cleaning products and tools. Provide what your cleaning crew needs to do their best work:

Recommended cleaning products:

  • Disinfecting cleaners and wipes
  • Powerful bathroom/kitchen cleaners
  • Streak-free glass cleaners
  • Floor cleaners suitable for each floor type
  • Scrubbing cleanser like Soft Scrub
  • Natural cleaners for sensitive areas

Useful equipment:

  • HEPA filter vacuum
  • Mops, brooms, buckets
  • Microfiber cloths, sponges, brushes
  • Steamer for fabrics
  • Rubber gloves and scrub pads
  • Duster wand for high surfaces
  • Grout brush, tile scrubbers

Providing commercial grade products allows your cleaning crew to tackle dirt and grime for a spotless finish. And equipping them with the tools they need helps them work efficiently and prevent injuries.

Tip Appropriately

Show your satisfaction through fair tipping:

  • Give a tip after each cleaning session – 10-20% of the service total is typical.
  • If new cleaners had an orientation visit, still tip them for their time.
  • Remember holiday tips or small gifts – an additional week’s tip or gift card.
  • Increase the tip after visits when crews had to take on extra tasks or tackle messes.
  • For excellent service consistently going above and beyond, increase tips more permanently.
  • If you are unsatisfied with service, reduce tips temporarily until performance improves.
  • Hand tips discreetly to cleaning staff or leave labeled envelopes.
  • Confirm tipping policies/customs if using an international or nonlocal service.

Fair tipping incentivizes hard work and retention of good cleaners. It shows you value their services.

Have Backups and Contingency Plans

Despite best efforts, conflicts or emergencies can still arise:

  • Know your maid service’s backup plan if your assigned crew is ever unavailable unexpectedly.
  • Ensure they have your updated contact info and emergency contacts.
  • Leave spare keys with trusted neighbors in case cleaners get locked out.
  • Authorize your maid service to resolve simple issues themselves as needed within reason.
  • Have their supervisor’s contact info so you can easily request backups if regular crew misses a visit.
  • Identify handyman services to call if any minor repairs are ever needed during cleanings.
  • Know your rights and maid service’s guarantees should you ever need to request refunds or terminate a problem cleaner.

Having contingency plans in place ensures minor issues don’t escalate into major headaches.

Request Green and Eco-Friendly Practices

Reduce your environmental impact by requesting sustainable cleaning practices:

  • Ask that eco-friendly chemical-free cleaners be used whenever possible.
  • See if they can wash microfiber cloths versus using paper towels.
  • Encourage recycling and proper disposal of any waste.
  • Promote efficient energy use by turning off lights when leaving rooms.
  • Suggest reusable rags and mop heads that can be laundered versus disposables.
  • Use vacuum cleaners with HEPA filters to trap allergens and dust.
  • Avoid harsh chlorine bleach products in favor of gentler oxygen-based cleaners.
  • Limit plastic waste by refilling spray bottles from bulk containers.
  • Consolidate tasks room by room to save water hauling buckets about.

With some adjustments, professional cleaners can help keep your home sparkling while still minimizing environmental footprints.

Track Costs and Adjust Plans Accordingly

Keep costs reasonable by tracking spending and adjusting plans as needed:

  • Note exact hours cleaned and total cost each visit. Calculate average hourly rate.
  • Review spending every few months. Check that rates and hours align with original quotes.
  • Request itemized invoices if anything looks discrepant compared to hours worked.
  • Adjust frequency to every other week or once a month if budgets feel stretched.
  • Change visit duration to 2 hours versus 3, or add services like laundry or decluttering.
  • Ask about package deals, rewards programs and ways to reduce per visit costs.
  • Before renewing a contract, reassess if your current plan still fits your budget and needs.

Monitoring your maid service costs ensures you maximize value without overspending long term.

Change Services As Your Needs Evolve

Review your cleaning plan periodically to ensure it evolves appropriately as your home and needs change:

  • Adjust the cleaning frequency up or down based on budgets, schedules and current satisfaction.
  • Renegotiate hours needed for the desired cleaning standard as living spaces grow or shrink.
  • Add or remove tasks from your cleaning checklist and routine to match priorities.
  • Hire specialists for deep or occasional cleans like carpet cleaning or window washing.
  • Request pet clean up or plant care if acquiring new pets or greenery.
  • Provide updated instructions to reflect where products are stored if you reorganize.
  • Discontinue certain services that no longer feel useful or worth the price.
  • Switch to self cleaning for simple maintenance tasks between deep cleans.

Revisiting your cleaning agreement ensures what you pay for continues providing real value over time.

Solve Small Issues Respectfully

When small problems occur, aim to resolve them directly and respectfully:

  • Remain calm and polite in discussing any cleaning or service issues. Avoid accusation.
  • Be as specific as possible in detailing the problem so it can be addressed.
  • Show visual examples of unsatisfactory cleaning if helpful.
  • Listen to their perspective on what may have led to the oversight.
  • Clarify the desired standard for next time through demonstration.
  • Request a different crew member if personality clashes arise.
  • Follow up to confirm issues were corrected satisfactorily next visit.
  • Escalate to a supervisor if problems repeat across multiple visits.
  • Remember the human on the other side. Show patience and understanding for honest oversights.

Handling grievances calmly and maturely preserves positive working relationships between you and service providers.

Request References and Referrals

When first hiring, references and referrals can provide helpful insight:

  • Ask maid services for client references you can contact to inquire about quality.
  • Search online reviews to check for any red flags with punctuality, professionalism or cleaning thoroughness.
  • Request referrals from friends and neighbors satisfied with their home cleaners.
  • Contact references and ask specific questions – Do they show up on time? Do they clean thoroughly? Are they trustworthy?
  • Check ratings on marketplace sites like, Angie’s List, Homeadvisor.
  • Search the Better Business Bureau for registered complaints.
  • Prioritize services with a longer track record of satisfied repeat customers.

Vetting services thoroughly beforehand provides more confidence in the cleaning crew entering your home.

Hiring a home cleaning service holds great potential to ease daily burdens. But truly maximizing the benefits requires optimizing the experience through clear communication, fair compensation, and adapting to evolving needs. By following these tips, your investment will pay off with cleaner living spaces and more free time to focus on what matters most.

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